Connecticut Roads - I-95 NB - 3

Exit 49 and east

The heavy construction around the I-91 junction has led to this temporary BWS, standing in for a BGS with a very computery font and a superscript "ward Ave." Whatever that means. How does a sign get vertically misaligned when all of the panels are horizontal?

Old East-West shields at the bottom of the Exit 57 ramp; US 1 was changed to North-South awhile ago, but signs have been slow to follow.

The last photo is courtesy Doug Kerr. Exit 69/70 signage is on the Connecticut River bridge carrying I-95 and US 1 together.

Somewhere in there is a service area about a half hour east of New Haven, and in that service area is this sign/plaque.

For years I had known about this Mass. Pike trailblazer on I-95 at Exit 76 (I-395), one of the only examples outside Massachusetts. I finally had my camera ready and took the photo. Of course, just after I put the camera down, there was another one right after. At least you get one.

The latter sign is from the I-95 NB frontage road, which picks up US 1 and carries it toward the Gold Star Memorial Bridge.

I guess the Science Center of Eastern Ct (their abbreviation, not mine) closed in the last few years. Click on this 2010 sign to see a (smaller) 2003 version that's not boarded up.

More signage from both the frontage road and the main highway; US 1 joins in just after the first photo. The overhead signage is supported on hoops in New London, something not repeated anywhere else in the state, but it looks cool.

A little interesting on that EXIT ONLY tab - don't think 1 MILE is supposed to fit in there too. Also notice another BGS sans destination. Last photo courtesy Mike Byrnes, as is the first photo below.

The last one is on the Exit 85 ramp.

The 1970 version of the first assembly in the previous photo run, courtesy Michael Summa. Exit numbers were not posted out here until the Turnpike concept died in favor of numbering highways instead.

Why does it take a supplemental sign just to give a destination? Do we really need to know that this is the Clarence B. Sharp Highway? Why not give a historical marker for this Sharp guy?

Don't crash between 11 PM and 7 AM.

Believe it or not, this is the first distance sign in Connecticut heading NB, and we're almost out of the state.

Sorry, the last photos are blurry because the sun was going down, but I had to include them just for that very odd white 216 shield, on a very oddly arranged BGS - the letters aren't the same font and don't line up, and the shield font isn't standard. The other BGS's are normal, so I don't get it.

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