Connecticut Roads - I-95 NB - 2

I-95 NB, Exits 27-48

Lafayette St., heading back on from Exit 27.

Courtesy Doug Kerr, taken during reconstruction of the Bridgeport viaduct.

The Exit 29 ramp circa 1975, courtesy Michael Summa from when the original CT Turnpike signage and gantries were still up on large sections of the highway, and then modern signage at the base.

Yes, the Airport tag is button-copy.

US 1 is so pervasive, sometimes you don't even need a destination. This is the least wordy BGS anywhere - just a number in a shield.

Hey, ConnDOT, how about a border on that NB Exit 42 advance? How about uniform font size?

This interruption is to inform you that the green plastic... pylons?... in the median are to prevent glare from opposing headlights.

Photos continue onto the Exit 44 ramp. First photo is courtesy Mike Byrnes.

ConnDOT seems to have run into trouble creating proper signs in New Haven, as I must halt the run yet again to poke fun at the font.

And the next sign is weird too - what's the green space above HOSPITAL for? Couldn't you just have a blue square with an H and an "EXIT 47" sign?

I-91/I-95/CT 34 interchange construction
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