Connecticut Roads - I-95 NB - 1

Exits 1-26

Enjoy the original version of exit signage, still up in 1971, courtesy Michael Summa. This is the road with a bridge collapse in 1983 because it was never maintained, so why would you expect signs to be replaced?

The last one, with an oversize I-95 shield (given sign size) is on the EB (aka NB) frontage road in Stamford, S. State Street at Elm St. Note the different CT 137 shields; button-copy CT signage mixes its unique brand of outline shields with standard squares fairly randomly.

The 1970 sign, courtesy Michael Summa, doesn't tell you Exit 11 is US 1, but it does tell you that Exit 10 is Noroton Ave., which I find more helpful, considering Noroton is not an actual incorporated entity.

Continuing NB, ending at the beginning of US 7 and the semi-aborted 7 freeway. Click on over to that page (link at bottom) for a history of that road. It's interesting. I promise.

In 1970, the US 7 freeway was not yet "completed" in Norwalk (if you read the history, you'll understand the quotation marks), so Exit 15 just connected to West Ave. (which is now accessible to or from I-95 to the south only via Exit 14). Photo courtesy Michael Summa.

I'm not done with Michael's photos yet, not at all. The first photo dates to 1969, the others date to 1970, and the third photo is just a nighttime version of the second. Besides button-copy ampersands, check out the fact that I-95 was still tolled at this point (and would be into the 1980's). The CT Turnpike name really died when the tollbooths disappeared.

The last few assemblies (after Exit 25) have been replaced due to bridge reconstruction.

One more Michael Summa photo to insert in the run above, likely from 1975. Interestingly, US 1 was then signed at Exit 24 and not at Exit 23. Technically, 1 meets I-95 at both exits.

Look to your right by Exit 26 and have a jolly good time at the Hi-Ho Petroleum Bulk Terminal. I'm surprised that says "D'Addario" instead of "Disney."

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