Connecticut Roads - I-95 - Non-directional

Cross streets and non-directional photos

Courtesy Michael Summa, unknown location (near NY, of course) or year.

Somewhere in southwestern CT - Bridgeport?

This photo's not even in CT. It ended up in the NYSTA sign shop near the Tappan Zee Bridge and has been preserved there in the best condition you could hope to find an original Turnpike shield in. Of course I'll let you click for a closeup to take home with you.

Broad St. EB at Grove St. in Stamford, then turning right to Elm St. SB at I-95 Exit 8. Exits 8 and 7 are SB-off but have no SB onramps, so traffic must continue a little over half a mile southwest to Exit 6's onramp (6 is NB-off but not SB-off).

2003 construction on the I-95 roadway over Bridgeport, seen from the railroad below.

As of April 2004, almost all of the old roadway has been replaced, except for a narrow strip; I have no idea why that's still there. You can see the new SB lanes progressing smoothly.

School House Road SB at Exit 35.

Three signs from Plains Road in Milford at I-95 Exit 36. The first two are northbound, and the third is southbound.

What the...? Yes, I-95 SB is both to the right (Sargent Dr. NB) and left (Sargent Dr. SB). To the left is Exit 46 on I-95. To the right is CT 34, with an onramp from Sargent to I-95 SB that merges directly with the 34 EB ramp to 95 SB. Right here, at a short connector from Long Wharf Drive, is a horribly ugly US 1 shield.

Taken from Criscuolo Park during the New Haven Road Meet in July 2011, I-95's new Quinnipiac River Bridge is under construction behind its current version, while the US 1 drawbridge soldiers on behind it.

CT 100 SB at I-95 Exit 52. Every so often, the camera focuses on something close (the windshield or window) instead of the intended target, leading to an Impressionist look that I can sell for millions. Please buy.

The Gold Star Memorial Bridge in New London, looking north from the Amtrak tracks.

CT 117 SB at Exit 88. Pardon the sun, this was taken backward out of a side window.

Northbound on 117, where the real gem shines. Given that the overhead signs are non-reflective, it's pretty obvious that these shields are original to the construction of the interchange. This may have been an alternate style to the shields with CT outlines, or the preferred method for a BGS. I would have to see more of these to know for certain, and I sure hope to see some more.

Mosher Ave. WB south of West Mystic.

CT 27 SB at Exit 90.

Exiting the Mystic Aquarium, past RIDOT shields (but RI is 10 miles east!), then to Coogan Boulevard, which runs west to CT 27 and east to Jerry Browne Road, which itself can either lead back to CT 27 or eventually to CT 234. By the way, the shield atop this page is on Coogan Blvd. WB at 27.

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