Connecticut Roads - I-91 NB - North of Hartford

, Exits 33-49

The last photo is on the Exit 35 ramp.

Notice there is no Exit 43 - there's none southbound, either. It used to be a NB-off SB-on exit for Main Street in East Windsor, but the trumpet for Exit 44 and US 5 (which may have been intended to catch the northern end of proposed I-284) was too close, so when I-91 was widened Exit 43 disappeared.

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Follow I-91 into Massachusetts
Exit 34 or 42 to CT 159
Exit 35A to I-291
Exit 35B to CT 218
Exit 36 to CT 178
Exit 38 to CT 75
Exit 40 to CT 20
Exit 44, 46, or 49 to US 5
Exit 45 to CT 140
Exit 47 to CT 190
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