Connecticut Roads - I-84/US 6 WB - 3/US 7 SB/US 202 WB

Exits 20-1
(and US 7 SB/US 202 WB)

Over the Naugatuck River, I-84 is double-decked, with EB on top. This makes for a very interesting interchange with CT 8, which double-decks itself also at that point (NB on top). Exit and entrance ramps are stacked on top of each other, all with a fairly good view of the river.

Same as the penultimate photo in the previous run, but with a brand-new LEFT EXIT banner underneath the left BGS.

You tell me if anything was tacked on to this sign...

... or if anything was taken off. Between the time I took the first photo (2002?) and this one (October 2006), something happened to Teikyo. Also, from the technology of a flashing bright light (aka "flash"), you can see the services on the blue part of the sign that have since closed.

This must be a temporary sign due to a downed BGS. I won't stand for this.

US 7 was never completed as a freeway between I-84 and I-95, so there are short freeway segments off of each highway that end abruptly. The corridor is at least adequately served by I-684 in NY. I believe it's the Exit 4 -mile and at-exit signs that are courtesy HNTB Corporation, because I forgot to change the caption when I edited the page. Notice that the left arrow on the Exit 3 sign (last photo) is patched - if you're not sure, click on it for a nighttime version - but since the right arrow looks original, I don't know what the left arrow could be patched over, unless the original arrow fell off. (But then why not just rivet the new arrow on directly?)

Courtesy Michael Summa, the previous incarnation of the Exit 4 assembly, where instead of a diagrammatic there was just a regular exit sign on the left side. Interesting destinations there (and note that Newburgh was deleted from this old BGS) - how about Norwalk?

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