Connecticut Roads - I-84/US 6 WB - 1

and I-84/US 6, Exit 44 and east

The last sign on I-84 WB in MA, but the first one erected by ConnDOT. You can see the border by the pavement change just inches away.

CT using a black border a la NJ. Unique on I-84.

When a sign loses an arrow, CT digs deeps and finds... button-copy!

These BWS's are along the HOV lane that really works, because I-84 during rush hour is a horrible mess. Better still would be to make the paved divider between the HOV and regular lanes another regular lane, but that's too forward-thinking apparently. Anyway, the CT 15 exit is just a merge into the regular lanes, shortly before Exit 62.

The beginnings of I-291 WB and I-384 EB, with the last photo at the split of the Exit 62 (Buckland Ave.) onramp. They were never intended to be the same freeways; I-291 was supposed to be completed as a beltway around Hartford, including what is now I-691. Ampersands are a rare sign sight.

Hartford and the beginning of CT 15, featuring both old shields and bold shields. Signed to I-91 SB, the four-lane freeway is often unable to handle the capacity of that movement and its reverse plus general 15 traffic. CT 15, the Wilbur Cross Highway, used to extend up I-84, also the Wilbur Cross from the merge point eastward. Also notice the HOV lane signage in this general area, including the diagrammatic sign at Silver Lane.

Left exit signage for CT 2, along with remnants of button copy, courtesy HNTB Corp. CT 2 WB is only signed as Downtown Hartford, which is where it ends but it still should be recognized as a number.

For those people who ignored the signs along CT 15, here's the second chance to get on I-91 SB, albeit via surface streets.

The little "A" detour has now been replaced by a bona fide state-name I-91 shield.

Much older Hospital sign, with the text below the H. Not going to risk a wager on just how old.

Off of the secret CT 503 "expressway", which is really the stubs for the once-planned CT 189 freeway (189 begins as a surface street to the north at US 44). Here is the eastbound stub, as seen from the westbound lanes, and then for good measure the sun-drenched sign seen by both directions of traffic at Sisson Ave. (the end of CT 503).

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West on I-84 into Massachusetts
Exit 74 to CT 171
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Exit 64 to CT 30
Exit 61 to I-291
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