Connecticut Roads - I-84/US 6 EB - 2

Exits 21-43

All the signs here in Waterbury are old, but the NEXT RIGHT is button copy for some reason. Probably replaced something else written on the original sign.

The onramp from Exit 22 (the last photo) is to the right of the exit signage for Exit 23 (penultimate photo).

Some of the only button copy in Waterbury (and the only unreflective sign for miles) is on the eastbound Exit 23 offramp/C-D road, which is quite long and winding. The first photo is on the mainline, on the left side of the gantry that has the second photo (first offramp photo).

The left shoulder ain't talkin' to the right, you catch my drift?

Those last patched-together signs are due to the area being under reconstruction, but that doesn't explain where the contractors came up with the horribly mismatched letters and numbers. Thankfully the second one is gone now.

Both signs are old; which is older? Considering that CT only recently abandoned button-copy outlines of route shields, I would say the one on the left. Also note the smaller exit number and the bad condition of the "h." Finally, Dave Bielski says it is, because the button-copy outlines started in the mid-1980's.

The above four pictures are all the beginning of I-691. They show off, respectively, a blue-gray I-84 mast arm, a button-copy Interstate shield, a diagrammatic, and a state-name I-91 shield.

ConnDOT replaced the diagrammatic with a similar diagrammatic, but with a much larger CT 322 shield.

The shields in the first photo replaced the "TO I-91" shield above. As you can see, Connecticut is still churning out state-name shields. I-691 to I-91 to CT 15 is an effective bypass of Hartford (and there are more options available from I-91). At some point before 2012, ConnDOT decided that they preferred I-91 on the left. Or someone had a few thousand dollars to burn.

Here, have a 1975 Michael Summa photo. You know it's his because there he is, demonstrating the appeal of button copy on brown in this Southington rest area.

Down comes a big sign, up comes a tiny sign that's entirely not to MUTCD standards. Notice that US 6 gets no respect on pull-through signs.

One of the last surviving white-on-black speed limit signs, this just might date from the construction of I-84. But, according to Dave Bielski, it is an exact replica of the one that does, which makes sense because it just looks a little too good for age 50.

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