Connecticut Roads - I-84/US 6 EB - 1/US 7 NB/US 202 EB

I-84 and I-84/US 6 EB, Exits 1-20
(and US 7 NB/US 202 EB)

Not sure why there are two types of advance warning for the weigh station, both of which light up when open.

Coming out of the US 6/US 7/US 202 multiplex on I-84. The only other four-road multiplex in the Northeast I know of is US 1/US 9/US 46/I-95 - and US 46 dies without leaving it.

Back to about 1969 or 1970, courtesy Michael Summa, when CT 53 disappears in favor uf US 202. In fact, as you can see behind those shields, CT 39 is also newer to the party. CT 53 didn't come up this way until 1973, when US 202 suffered another rerouting to stay on I-84 through Danbury. (CT 302 has replaced the rest of the old route here.) CT 39 is already on the sign because it was rerouted in 1963, away from New York in Ball Pond and down to Danbury.

There's a very short weave between Exit 7/US 7 and Exit 8/US 6, wherein SB-EB local traffic has a quarter mile to cut across two lanes to exit.

The word "Bridgeport" was deleted from the Exit 9 signs in 2001, and motorists are apparently supposed to use Exit 11 instead to bypass Newtown, according to Scott Oglesby (though Bridgeport, as you see below, isn't mentioned on those signs either).

The last one is on the Exit 15 ramp. The small fonts in the shields indicate they are at least 15 years old. Also notice the trapezoidal LBS (Little Brown Sign); these are rectangular in most states.

Two more Michael Summa photos from 1970. Because US 202 followed now-CT 302 east of Danbury, it came back to I-84, and then followed US 6 all the way over to CT 10. Its rerouting in 1974 to its current alignment gave it more freedom from other routes, instead of being multiplexed through the entire state. The California-style shields are from the late 1950's or early 1960's, and thus may be original to the freeway - they were only around for a few years in transitioning from the state-name US shields to the current unlettered ones.

A street sign that high up does little. Hence the one on the ground.

The last photo is a little out of order, but that's because it's a 1969 Michael Summa historical photo. Not a lot has changed.

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