Connecticut Roads - I-691

Wrong font, and wrong concept of spatial relations. Thanks to Doug Kerr for rooting the first one up; the second is on CT 322 EB (and Doug had given me an earlier version of it.

I-691 to I-91 is a useful southern bypass of the Hartford area when I-84 gets congested.

EB from the start of the highway to Hanging Hills, also known as South Mountain and East Peak. Central CT has a lot of red rock cliffs.

Can't get enough of that Helvetica, even on a freeway, though mercifully this is the only Interstate that ever was afflicted.

Continuing eastbound; the last 2 photos are on the left and right of the same gantry. East of I-91, I-691 then turns into CT 66, which runs into US 6, has a plex affair, and takes over for old 6 through Willimantic. Incidentally, the 322 I mentioned before is a westward continuation of the old US 6A (Meriden Rd./Main St./Meriden-Waterbury Tpk.), and 66 is an eastward continuation. I-691 started off as the US 6A freeway, and then became the CT 66 freeway for a time.

Despite the CT 66 shield you just saw overhead, these next signs are still technically on I-691 before it ends on the far side of the interchange.

These are all westbound. The western half of I-691 is all newer, non-button copy signage, until it ends at I-84.

Lewis Ave. SB at the Exit 6 onramp to I-691.

Nice wide-font shield on Lewis Ave. NB, north of I-691 at its end at Kensington Ave.

Exit 5 or 6 to CT 71
Exits 8-10 to CT 15
Exit 8 to US 5
Exits 10-11 to I-91
Straight onto CT 66
I-691 on Steven Anderson's
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