Connecticut Roads - I-395 SB - Exits 88-77

I-395 SB, Exits 88-77

Yeah, dogs, that's what they are. No illegal animal racing here!

Heading up to the top of the SB Exit 85 offramp and its one square shield, followed by the next traffic light down the extended diamond interchange.

There is no direct SB-WB connection to CT 2, which doesn't make complete sense to me but it's too late to fix now, with the 2 freeway stuck down in a valley. Therefore, traffic exits onto CT 32, heads west parallel to CT 2 and then on top of it (gee, was this road ever old 2), and finally gets to join the freeway. EB-NB traffic gets a direct loop, though. No fair.

Exit 75 is really on I-95; the reason a number is skipped is because I-395, the original through route of the Connecticut Turnpike, is Exit 76 from I-95. I-95 then goes ahead and skips a few numbers so as not to confuse itself with I-395, meaning the number 76 is basically wasted.

Northward on I-395 SB
Over to the northbound lanes (Exits 77-88)
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Exit 77 or straight onto I-95
Exit 88 to CT 14A
Exit 85 to CT 138
Exit 84 to CT 12
Exit 83 to CT 97
Exit 82, 81, or 78 to CT 32
Exit 82 or 81 to CT 2
Exit 80 to CT 82
Exit 79A to CT 2A
Exit 77 to CT 85
I-95 Exit 75 to US 1
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