Connecticut Roads - I-395 SB - Exits 100-89

, Exits 100-89
A couple of the I-395 shields are bizarro, lacking the usual state name.

As with the NB side, note that the upper reaches of I-395 SB have wide spaces between the numerals of the exit number for no reason whatsoever. Also note that the word Community in the last sign is reflective, while the other words are button copy. A prior sign is mostly reflective - but has Community in button copy! Those two signs should get together.

We now take a break from your regularly scheduled SB signs for the following special presentation:

These five photos were taken southwestbound on secret CT 695, the northern end of the Connecticut Turnpike between I-395 and US 6. The only reason the Squaw Rock Rd. exit has a number is because the entire spur of 695 is Exit 90 from I-395 northbound, so someone felt there should be an Exit 90 in the other direction. At the site of the last photo, CT 695 is about to merge with I-395. We now return you to the SB signs, already in progress.

And right away we get to another example of the crazy-style BGS shield. It's a rare elusive creature, but I've managed to track down at least four so far (two on I-95 near Rhode Island, two on I-395).

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