Connecticut Roads - I-395 NB - Exits 89-100

I-395 NB, Exits 89-100

Exit 90 is where the Connecticut Turnpike leaves I-395, running eastward to the RI border and merging with US 6. I-95 was originally intended to run the full length of the Turnpike, hitting Providence from the west via a new freeway in Rhode Island. Considering I-84 couldn't make it in that corridor, it's possible I-95 wouldn't have made it either. Anyway, beach communities complained, pushing I-95 to the coast in CT, and giving most of the rest of the Turnpike to I-395. Later on, I-395 was extended up the side of Connecticut to where I-290 meets I-90 near Worcester, making a roadway that changes Interstate numbers underneath an overpass. The last little piece of the original Turnpike, Exit 90, is internally CT 695 - no exits, so no reason to sign it except as to US 6 EB and to I-395 SB.

As you can see, the squished and numerals don't look very original - they're replacing 1-mile and -mile advances. The signs appear to be somewhere between the two extremes, so CT may as well have left good enough alone. Also note that, beginning at Exit 93, the 9 and unit digit start to get pretty far away from each other. Why?

Last photo is on the Exit 96 ramp. Putnam, CT 12, and everything else are to the left.

Hey, look, Wilsonville is hiding behind the bushes. Hi ho Tim!

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