Connecticut Roads - I-395 NB - Exits 77-88

I-395 NB, Exits 77-88

I've seen about five of these very unusual BGS shields in Connecticut, and would love to confront the person responsible. Not confront, laugh at. Or pity. Maybe a hug?

Exit 83A is the only lettered exit from I-395 - i.e. it's the only exit added after the highway opened, probably at the behest of Lisbon residents.

Closing out the run with a photo of differently-sized shields at the end of the Exit 88 offramp.

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Exit 77 to CT 85
Exit 79A to CT 2A
Exit 80 to CT 82
Exit 81 to CT 2
Exit 81 to CT 32
Exit 83 to CT 97
Exit 83A to CT 169
Exit 84 to CT 12
Exit 85 to CT 138
Exit 88 to CT 14A
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