Connecticut Roads - I-284 stub

I-284 stub, unbuilt East Bank Expressway
Secret CT 500

I-284 was proposed to run from I-84 Exit 56 and CT 2 Exit 2 northward along the east bank of the Connecticut River, running into I-91 around the current Exit 44 trumpet. The conglomeration of ramps in East Hartford instead connects to Governor St., one block north of US 44 (under which the I-284 stub passes without any ramps). Likely, if I-284 were continued, Governor Street would have been severed and US 44 would have gotten an interchange. Instead, the ramps were dubbed CT 500 (an internal number so that CT can keep track of the road it maintains).

Eastbound on the Exit 2 ramp from CT 2 EB. The ramp to I-284 would have borne left here.

NB on the brief stub, which is long enough to be called an Expressway and even to have an incorrect sign (should be white and have ONLY underneath it - this is a lane designation sign for an intersection).

Governor St. eastbound, where traffic isn't forced right into the interchange, but rather gently pressured (one may continue straight if one must).

Mostly button copy, the BGS progression on CT 500 SB. Technically, I believe I-284 would have followed the I-84 west sign, and gone right in the second photo; in other words, the third photo may have been on Exit 1 from I-284.

This Bulkeley Bridge shield is underneath and to the right of the second southbound BGS photo above, pointing toward I-84. Like the Bradley Airport shield in Hartford, I've never seen another shield like this one.

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