Connecticut Roads - CT 85

All photos northbound, starting with the photo above, until the last photo run on the page.

Mostly NB, last one SB with the highway immediately in the background (you can see the gore sign). Usually the button copy signs don't have state names in them.

Same as the last caption, except without the state names on the green signs.

North past CT 82 (3rd photo) to Lake Hayward Rd. Between those two intersections and just to the west stretches the five or six miles of the CT 11 freeway, which is supposed to extend southeast all the way to New London but for now ends in a stub at 82.

EB and WB on Lake Hayward Rd. Of interest in all directions here (except WB) are the narrow CT 354 shields with their uniquely Connecticut '3'.

On northward into Colchester and the short CT 16 duplex that picks up in photo 3 and drops in photo 5. Although you'd swear it's MA 16 and MA 85.

Continuing NB, the shields get older, including even the ugly 66. It was a brief experiment by ConnDOT in the 1980's that hit a lot of routes but must have been smacked down pretty quickly by someone, perhaps the FHWA or a high-ranking official who had to deal with one of these in his/her front yard.

And these are my only SB photos, at least for now. Turn away at CT 207 if you don't want to be optically assaulted.

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