Connecticut Roads - CT 83

CT 83


For some reason, none of the C's have survived on this park sign in Manchester, on the west side of CT 83. Someone is superstitious?

Northbound signs approaching US 6/44 in Manchester. Why didn't they replace the rest of the lane-arrow sign? Why are the 6 shields older than the 44 shields? One question I can answer: the CT 83 shield in the second photo is at least 30 years old. Click on it for a super-resolution peek at the old-style 3.

SB in the same place, with another old-font 83 shield.

NB through Manchester, turning from Main St. onto North Main St. (not the same road, sadly), and again onto Oakland St. at the Lydall Brook bridge.

NB with CT 30. The first photo is where CT 83 joins CT 30, with I-84 EB straight ahead and CT 30 WB to the left. It's not unheard of to have a red ball and a green arrow in the same signal, representing that through traffic has to remain stopped, although that's still not the correct way to do things. But here, there's clearly a green light, so who is this red ball serving? How do I know whether to turn left?

Short multiplex in Rockville, which seems to be always just a little bit farther. Actually, first one's the village boundary, second one's village center.

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