Connecticut Roads - CT 8 SB - S of Waterbury

south of Waterbury

The Derby town line is poking its head into that last photo.

The last photo is at the bottom of the Exit 14 ramp. CT shields are never supposed to be widened beyond a square.

The last photo is on Bridgeport Ave. WB.

You need to take CT 108 (why is the shield so small in the 1-mile sign?) to connect to CT 15 north. In order to protect the parkway beauty of CT 15, the 8/15 interchange was reduced from the initial plans for a stack, and lacks NB 15-SB 8, NB 8-SB 15, and SB 8-NB 15 ramps.

Just past the last sign, CT 8 merges with CT 25, and the routes are co-signed down to I-95. Visit the link below to finish your journey!

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Exit 28 to CT 68
Exit 26 to CT 63
Exit 22 to CT 67
Exit 19 to CT 334
Exit 15 to CT 34
Exit 14 to CT 110
Exit 10 or 8 to CT 15, Merritt Parkway
Exit 8 to CT 108
Exit 7 to CT 127
Exit 5 to US 1
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