Connecticut Roads - CT 8 SB/US 6 WB - Waterbury & N.

CT 8 SB, Waterbury and north (and US 6 WB)

CT 8 leaves US 44 and CT 183 and becomes a freeway.

The rest of the signs on into Waterbury (and sadly, through I-84, which has some great signs northbound) are new and fully reflective. But before we get to the end of Waterbury, there's a little more button copy to fulfill you:

Continue south on CT 8 SB
To the NB side (from Waterbury north)
Exit 39 or 38 to US 6 alone
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Exit 44 to CT 4
Exit 44 to US 202
Exit 40 to CT 222
Exit 38 to CT 109
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