Connecticut Roads - CT 8 NB/US 6 EB - Waterbury & N.

Waterbury and north (and US 6 EB)

All the signs are new from I-84 northward. Part of Connecticut's new style is to emulate Massachusetts' route shields; hopefully black-border normalcy, which is emulated in the shield approximation atop this page, is restored.

Brief US 6 duplex.

This run ends on the Exit 44 ramp. Since U-Conn Torrington was around since 1957, and these signs are definitely newer, what did the Columbus Sq. sign originally say on top? Exit 44 is an elongated diamond that crosses both US 202 and CT 4 at consecutive intersections, hence the arrows pointing in three directions.

The freeway ends here at US 44/CT 183, but you can see from the excessive overpass width that there was a provision left for the highway to continue north. Connecticut and Massachusetts couldn't muster enough support for the idea of connecting the 8 freeway to the Mass Pike, and so it never continued past Winsted, not that there's terribly much traffic out here anyway. The way the interchange is constructed, CT 8 NB and SB both get to make right turns from and to the freeway, so the northbound side is actually facing south after looping around, which is why west is to the right in the last photo.

These and the sign atop this page (and one more to come) are part of a new font sweeping Connecticut. Hopefully they can sweep it out of existence.

On the far side of the intersection, for clarification purposes. There's nothing wrong here, except the MASS is not a standard signage method. It's not MASS 20 at all, it's US 20, and the shield alone should be sufficient.

Nothing left in Connecticut but some scenery, but at least CTDOT could have put the destinations in mileage order.

Snow-covered West Branch Reservoir, taken through old cable guiderail; this page continues into Massachusetts.

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