Connecticut Roads - CT 8 NB - S of Waterbury

NB, south of Waterbury

Traffic has already been directed while on the CT 25/CT 8 duplex to use CT 25 to CT 15 south.

Something about that last sign strikes me as being not up to FHWA standards.

The last photo is at the bottom of the Exit 15 ramp.

The double chevrons are new; the last time I took the photo in 2002 or so, they were singles. It's because of scenery like in the last two photos that CT 8 is my favorite route from NYC to Boston.

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Exit 8 to CT 108
Exit 9 to CT 15, the Merritt Parkway
Exit 14 to CT 110
Exit 15 to CT 34
Exit 19 to CT 334
Exit 21 to CT 67
Exit 26 to CT 63
Exit 28 to CT 68
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