Connecticut Roads - CT 77

SB at Guilford's town green, Broad St. at Whitfield St. near the end of CT 77, and NB. All of those signs in the second column also point left.

Superseded NB and SB assemblies, which should have been corrected years ago to "North" for East and "South" for West.

The obligatory button copy onramp signs, NB.

The corresponding SB signs.

The northbound offramp and onramp each have a park and ride lot in their infields, and this sign is for the offramp one. These lots are probably sufficient for the number of New Haven commuters who would care to carpool - I don't know if there's any bus service to these lots. I also don't know where the gold on blue color scheme for park and ride facilities came from, unlike any other Connecticut signs.

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