Connecticut Roads - CT 75

The route starts off by immediately passing the start of another route.

NB button copy remains at this interchange.

A SB run back from I-91 to the south end of the road.

All NB, the second sign (on the right side of the highway) points to the same ramp as the third sign (on the left side, at the ramp itself).

This is huge. Until I came north on CT 75, I thought the blue sign on CT 25 was an anomalous relic from its construction, a sign that never should have been blue. Now I can confidently say that ConnDOT went through a phase of blue signs. The Ella T. Grasso Turnpike was officially named upon her death (from Chapter 241 of the General Statutes of CT), in 1981; the Col. Henry Mucci Highway (CT 25) was named in 1974. At least for seven years, named highways were signed in blue, so it's a matter of tracking down what other highways were named in this time period (not easy, considering only one name is in the statutes), and then getting out in the field to hunt for more of these specimens (or any counterexamples).

Large concrete shield?

Remaining NB signs I photographed.

SB from Bridge St. (secret CT 513) in Suffield down to Bradley Airport, where I ducked an airplane to find the partner to the NB sign you saw above.

I had fun fun fun passing this guy.

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