Connecticut Roads - CT 72

Old EB signage in Bristol (same can be said of the top photo, at the end of Riverside Ave.).

Old EB signage leaving said locality. The LGS is already gone, and the following assembly must be as well because there's now a new configuration here, one that takes up most of this page.

CT 72 WB/CT 229 SB, when that was possible. That means the ugly shield is hopefully gone. CT 72 followed Broad St. and Main St. through eastern Bristol, roads that were turned back to the town rather than given to a CT 372 extension.

The first part of new CT 72 under construction, extending from CT 229 just around the corner to Pine St. Those poor people living on and along Pine St. are suddenly in for a whole lot more traffic than ever before, but Broad St. residents are jumping for joy.

Pine St. WB at the other end of the CT 72 connection. 72 will have a hard turn at this intersection, but it beats the current three turns to get onto the freeway. I don't see why the new road couldn't have been built as the through movement.

Looking east from Pine St. at the future beginning of the expressway. The freeway, where grade separation begins, won't be extended any farther, but this is definitely an upgrade to the approach.

Looking west from the Forest St. pedestrian overpass at the same section of road I saw from Pine St. My goodness, look how well the road blends in with its surroundings! You can barely tell there's a four-lane divided highway in a deep trench with completely cleared vegetation!

Looking east at the next section of future 72, with two intersections in quick succession. I'm sure they'll be timed concurrently.

Just for fun, I treat the overpass like it's a real bridge. Look how inviting and pedestrian-friendly it is! I'd love to walk through a dark box over a deep trench with no lighting at night.

The first of the two traffic signals, Central St., northbound and then looking west and east along future 72.

At the second signal, I look west from Lincoln Ave. and then take two photos eastward.

Deep in a neighborhood with embossed signs, I get one more look at the new road from Wilson St. at Leon Rd., and a look at the Forestville Ave. intersection from Bohemia St. NB, which only now ends at these orange barrels instead of connecting through.

Forestville Ave. EB, no longer CT 72, and looking west at the nearly completed expressway. The right arrow and West CT 72 shield have since been filled in.

Median improvement work EB from there.

Now to enter the CT 72 freeway, which was meant to be part of something much longer. Part of it was taken over by CT 9 to the east, but it was meant to go way west toward CT 8. Of what did get built (and there's no reason to have built more), the rest of the old road became CT 372.

EB, these exit numbers have gotten inflated for the very reason that there were supposed to be a couple more exits to the west of the completed freeway, but they should have come down by now.

WB button copy.

Old CT 72, now secret CT 555, seems to meet itself in New Britain. The crossing Main St. should be named as an extension of Broad St.

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