Connecticut Roads - CT 68

CT 68

Eastbound at Golden Court and Union St., and Union St. NB. These roads are both just short connectors down from the Naugatuck River bridge to Main St., which is old CT 8. At the south end of Union St. are the ramps to and from CT 8 to the south. North of Golden Ct. (which shouldn't be a Court, it's an actual through street), Main St. leads back onto the CT 8 freeway.

Eastbound through Cheshire to another TO that leads to another block-long street. In this case, though, there is no TO CT 5. There is no TO US 5, either, because at the bottom of that block-long connector is, in fact, US 5 itself. Maybe when the shield is corrected the banner will also be.

Just one WB photo on the page, as the routes turn from Main St. onto W. Main St. west of CT 10.

EB to the end.

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