Connecticut Roads - CT 67/US 202

CT 67/US 202 EB across the Housatonic River on Veterans Memorial Bridge, looking south and north in the middle. CT 67 starts at US 7 where US 202 breaks off of it, instead of on the far side of the river where it then breaks off of 202 and stands alone. Rail against useless multiplexes!

A pair of westbound views.

Looking west and east from Spring St. at the former US 202/CT 67 bridge approach at the same Housatonic River, just south of the current bridge.

Construction to put in a retaining wall along the north side of CT 67 where it splits from US 202 on the east side of the bridge.

The Housatonic River Valley, looking south just east of New Milford.

Not often a southbound route turns left from an eastbound route. In fact, CT 67 heads southeast from here to Southbury, while CT 317 heads straight east to Woodbury Center. It's 317's fault for not being east-west.

CT 67 EB doesn't magically turn SB, even if it's to avoid a wrong-way concurrency. Don't trust anything that looks this ugly.

Did CT 67 turn south or did it just turn lazy on this concurrency? I'll take "lazy."

Across the Little River into Seymour.

The WB side of the bridge. Old Drive, old sign.

As CT 67 EB interchanges with CT 8, it briefly runs under the freeway toward the north.

WB button copy at the same interchange.

Michael Summa took this photo on old CT 8 in 1982. It appears to be on CT 67 EB at CT 115, so I have it on both the 8 page and this page for now.

One more photo for the road, on the east side of Seymour.

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