Connecticut Roads - Airport Rd., Hartford

Airport Rd., Hartford: Secret CT 530

Wethersfield Ave. NB, original CT 9 and now beyond the end of CT 99. Airport Rd. begins to the right.

One EB assembly, but I thought it was worth breaking each old sign out separately.

The rest of the eastbound signs, all again old. CT 530 ends at Brainerd Rd., named for the airport, and has a channelized right turn onto that street - so traffic behaving properly should never see the faded I-84 (was state-name) shield at the very end of the road. Since it was there, I figured it was okay to turn right anyway. It looks like there's a street sign bent on the far side of the pole, but I didn't notice it until writing this caption.

Brainerd Rd. NB at Airport Rd., the near right and far left corners of the intersection.

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