Connecticut Roads - CT 53

Neither of these photos are really on CT 53. The highlight of the first photo is the state-name shield that faces the end of CT 53 SB, but it was taken from US 1 NB. The second photo is in the same location on the street that becomes CT 53, East Ave. NB.

North through the CT 57 duplex (the last two photos are at either end of it). CT 53 has an ironic stop sign at Newtown Tpk., ironic because if you follow it south into Norwalk, CT 53 comes back and merges into it as Newtown Ave. To the north, CT 53 bears off CT 57 (in the last photo)... onto Newtown Turnpike. Why not have the route go straight?

Between Newtown Tpk. and CT 57, this is the end of Sturges Ridge Rd. SB.

Leaving CT 57 and heading up to Saugatuck Reservoir on Newtown Tpke. Whatever's to the left in the second photo must be worth it.

Past CT 107, then despite the sign there, straight on CT 53 into Danbury where it ends. Really not sure where that error came from. Also not sure why all across Connecticut, Massachusetts shields are working their ways in.

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