Connecticut Roads - Secret CT 504

Secret CT 504

CT 504 is the set of ramps that extends west from I-84 Exit 45. It would have been the top of the CT 71 expressway, but after two tries ConnDOT gave up on the idea of doing anything with 71, so ladies and gentlemen, here is your stub.

The WB-SB ramp was wide enough to be a legitimate two-lane split from I-84. There is no EB-SB ramp; that movement would have been served by CT 9 (what was then planned as I-291). In the second photo, the stub freeway would have continued left, with all traffic forced onto the Flatbush Avenue exit. There is not much extra concrete here compared to other stubs, either in pavement or structures.

The grassy emptiness that would have been CT 71. (Actually, it may have still been CT 504 - it appears that 71 would have exited back onto the surface alignment before the freeway hit I-84.) The exit speed limit advisory sign only is posted this far into the exit because only now are you actually exiting the CT 504 freeway.

Flatbush Ave. EB at the entrance to CT 504 NB.

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