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CT 40

CT 40 is the Mt. Carmel Connector, linking I-91 to CT 10 while passing right over CT 15 without a connection.

NB and SB (WB and EB, really) on Devine St., which connects CT 40 NB to US 5 and the old Hartford Turnpike at Exit 1. The Turnpike gets cut off by a lake and a redone intersection where CT 150 meets CT 15, but is otherwise a straighter shot from New Haven to Hartford than even US 5 is. In fact, US 5 ends up back on the Turnpike north of New Haven, and the Berlin Turnpike and Maple Ave. on into Hartford are also parts of the same turnpike.

WB and EB on Dixwell Ave., which performs the same function as Devine St. for CT 40 SB and also becomes CT 10 to the west. The closeup shows that the "Interstate" legend is still faintly visible among the button copy.

Starting on Bailey Road, just south of the beginning of CT 40, and progressing north to the end; the last two photos are on opposite sides of the northbound lanes at the same point.

And now the southbound signage.

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