Connecticut Roads - CT 4

Two of the four approaches to this Cornwall intersection. The second is Pine St. NB, not CT 125 until here.

Wittle bitty numerals, CT 4 EB and WB at the beginnings of these two routes.

More of the same and an even more desirable old sign, CT 43 SB.

Continuing east from there, the last two photos are just past CT 63 at Church of Christ Congregational in Goshen.

More eastbound photos, with the right border and the wrong numerals (Series E-Modified?), then with the right numeral and the wrong, filleted border. The US 202 shield is also a nice relic.

Eastbound past Massachusetts-style shields for 2 photos, then turned westward for 2 more. I note that the SB frontage connecting CT 8 ramps is Columbus Rd. and the NB frontage is Christopher Rd.

Main St. NB in Torrington and turning west. Is that FHWA Series F or just stretched Helvetica? (F is a zombie font in that any sightings are surprising but it's still technically usable.)

The next intersection is for US 202, with older-style assemblies through their short concurrency.

I'm not about to call this sign old, but it's the last sign left in the state (as far as I know - please prove me wrong) that has CONN in the shield. Thanks to whatever contractor messed up this westbound sign (and from the horizontal cut lines and the akimbo last line, it was a messy job). I should also thank Kelly W. for turning around patiently so I could get this photo.

Curiosities in the triangular island at South Road in, well, Harwinton. The box is some manner of old directional sign that I have no doubt predates state signage, but rather than the state ever having replaced it, Harwinton appears to take the burdenof repainting the sign accurately every time. Since there's no other sign for South Road (such as, say, a street sign), ConnDOT must trust the job Harwinton is doing.

Further up the road, westbound.

I lied in the caption I used to have for this signage, back when I only had Doug Kerr's photo. 69 is worth it here, because once I got up close, I realized these signs are badly cracked, and probably part of some bizarre font experiment conducted in the 1980's. If we're lucky, it's even as old as the tripped-out `70's. Of course, there's no way it's as old as the shield on top of this page (a little west of CT 69, just east of a traffic light, that's the best I remember). As a bonus for actually visiting the location, I picked up a second photo, of a private but still very old sign (vaguely reminiscent of Massachusetts LWS's).

179 is not worth it EB. I accept it WB but not the 4.

Unique signage just east of Town Farm Road in the outskirts of Farmington, as the two eastbound lanes from that intersection merge back into one. CT also has one on US 44, and I bet there are a couple more.

WB at CT 10, embossed.

EB approaching CT 508, CT 4 exits itself in a jughandle to continue eastward, and the main highway continues straight to I-84. Had CT 508 been completed any further than this, 4 would have been on the resultant freeway instead, and the current highway would be unnumbered or a secret highway, in all probability. CT 9 is signed along 4 because there would otherwise be an uncomfortable short left-to-right weave between CT 508 (Exit 39 on I-84) and CT 9 (Exit 39A). Now traffic to 9 takes the next right on South Road, around Westfarms Mall to CT 71, to connect from 4 to 9, but had the planned I-291 (part of which is now part of 9) been completed as a beltway around Hartford, CT 4 (or just plain Farmington Road, depending on 508's status) likely would have been the next exit north from I-84.

WB, same location; 4 turns right.

US 7 and 7/CT 4

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