Connecticut Roads - CT 39

CT 39

NB just after CT 39 begins out of the ashes of CT 53, where CT 37 also begins. Why the extra number?

SB in the same place, I-84 Exit 5. US 6 and US 202 are also on the freeway now, though even more modern signs often omit them.

Same place in the early 1970's, courtesy Michael Summa, with US 7 still running through downtown Danbury (at least when the signs were made). Newburgh was removed from many WB destination signs and now there's no trace it was ever there. My guess is that for awhile I-84 ended at NY 52 in Newburgh (or just past there) and then was completed across NY and PA. That still isn't a reason to remove the only sizable city until Scranton from the sign, so maybe someone has a better idea.

CT's unique and miserable Helvetica shields from sometime around the 1990s, SB and NB at either end of the CT 37/39 concurrency. The routes begin at the same point, then cross, then come together here briefly before finally going their separate ways.

CT 55 EB, the short continuation of NY 55, with more Helvetica at the northern end of CT 39.

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