Connecticut Roads - CT 37

CT 37

Not only is it a one-piece shield, but this Danbury sign is awfully historic. It was taken by Michael Summa in 1975. Even so, there's a lot wrong with the 37 shield, including the digit "3" and the rounded corners.

Past I-84, CT 37 comes back to CT 39, which began at the same intersection in Danbury as 37 (and as CT 53). To this point in New Fairfield, CT 37 is quicker than 39, which meanders near New York.

Continuing north, the ugly 1980's shields pop up at the northern end of the CT 39 multiplex. Oh, did I forget to mention the two routes meet again? This time, 39 is the more direct route up from New Fairfield to Sherman.

It happens southbound, too.

What happens when you cut the sign budget.

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