Connecticut Roads - CT 334

CT 334

All photos are westbound.

The ramp from CT 334 to CT 8 SB actually leaves from Great Hill Rd. about 45 feet west of CT 334, so the second photo is facing WB traffic on Great Hill Rd. and the third looks south down the ramp from there. It's visible nearly straight on from CT 334 EB, which is heading due south here. Click on the 2nd photo and only the 2nd photo for a closeup.

CT 334 turns onto Great Hill Rd., and Great Hill is overhead, so they did a good job naming it. CT 334 southeast of here and the road bearing to the right are Derby Ave., CT 8's original surface alignment.

CT 334's west end is a roundabout, so you might consider these signs to be pointers from CT 334 as much as reassurances on CT 188.

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