Connecticut Roads - CT 33

CT 33

CT 33 SB from I-95. CT 136 south of here is as "north-south" as US 1 - it actually makes a giant loop through South Norwalk and Rowayton and returns to 1 heading east-west.

NB and SB, respectively, at the CT Turnpike.

The Turnpike started out as an east-west road, so when I-95 was added onto it, of course it would also be signed east-west. However, I didn't know that fact until I saw these circa 1970 photos, courtesy Michael Summa - all I ever knew was that US 1 ran east-west into the 1990's before finally being mostly corrected through CT into the 2000's.

Heading north from CT 15. CT must have run out of signpost metal thanks to all those cast-iron Rotary signs.

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