Connecticut Roads - CT 272/US 44

CT 272 and 272/US 44

Different sculptures at either end of the US 44 concurrency. CT has always liked a narrow font with wide spacing between digits, and used to use smaller numbers than now. In theory, CT 21712 could fit in this shield.

This years-old photo was taken at the same place as the second one above. Somehow the same shields went from being next to each other on the same pole to being on two separate, nearby poles. I guess someone crashed through the gore into the pole, but the shields were somehow unharmed in the process.

All of the sign, all of the history.

CT 272 SB approaching the concurrency. Memorial Green is the cutoff to US 44 WB signed in the second photo. Those US 44 shields are designed to the old standard, with slightly shapelier curves than one would see now.

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