Connecticut Roads - CT 25/8

CT 25 and CT 8/25

Prospect St. EB and WB, respectively, at Warren St. and the Exit 1 onramp to CT 8/25.

Chopsey Hill Rd. EB at Exit 5, leading toward US 1.

Same road westbound.

Same place, but now Island Brook Ave. NB.

Don't know where, but it's a historic photo from Michael Summa from before button-copy outlined shields were used. Sign probably dates to the 1970's. Note that CT 25 is listed first here but not on any of the newer signs.

The complete run of CT 8/25 northbound signage.

The complete run of CT 8/25 southbound signage, starting on CT 25.

NB on CT 25 alone. The last sign is courtesy Doug Kerr, on the Exit 7 ramp.

Not button copy, just older SB signage that's as old as the CT 15 signage for CT 25, ending on the Exit 8 ramp.

You want old? Take Exit 9 and head to Park St. on the SB side. It's a dead end, and you'll have to go that far and turn around to catch this sign, which for whatever reason only faces traffic that already knows there's access to CT 25. If anything, it should be facing Park St. WB, not EB. It's definitely original to the freeway, which was only constructed in the early 1980s.

This completes the Mucci Highway NB, which doesn't end at a stub though it was meant to extend northward to the stub at I-84 Exit 11.

This is a Big Blue Sign. Big Blue Signs are meant to advertise travel destinations found on highway exits. Big Green Signs are meant to announce highway exits, geographical features such as rivers, and highway names. Look at the CT 8/25 page and you'll see that Mucci gets a Big Green Sign there. Look on any other Connecticut page and you'll see that the highway names get Big Green Signs (well, until I discovered another one of these on CT 75). I think this sign is very historically significant - it points to a time when blue signs received mainline use as more than just point-of-interest signs. It may date from 1975 when the road was constructed, or 1983 when it finally opened; the designation itself dates from 1974.

CT 302 EB at its end.

At US 6, with a unique rotary sign on a giant flagpole.

Now with US 6 heading northwest, the 1791 Newtown Meeting House and Newtown Town Hall.

Continuing north to the end of the road.

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CT 25 freeway on Steve Anderson's
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