Connecticut Roads - CT 218

By the way, that shield may look quotidian, but Connecticut really doesn't do the three-digit thing, so it and the nearby one on my I-291 page (linked at bottom) are really something special. All photos are indeed westbound on this page.

All typical Connecticut. The HOV entrance/exit is in the median of I-91, and only serves the Hartford side of the interchange.

Well, this one is Matsianuck Ave. SB, but it at least has a sign referring to CT 218 WB. It's the only intersection between the two Interstates, and proceeds southward to cross the stub end of I-291 (if it can even be called that; it's really just a long exit ramp that happens to follow a proposed beltway).

The end of the "stub."

More old signs with the strange use of Helvetica seen elsewhere around the state. The more of these I see, the more curious I become. Any disgruntled ConnDOT ex-employees care to shed light on this? (Or current gruntled ones.) It's perfectly normal in Connecticut to see three signs in an assembly all have different fonts, borders, directional banners (or lack thereof), and arrows.

Well, it's a sign, and it's old, so here it is.

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