Connecticut Roads - CT 216

CT 216

Northbound by night, south by sunlight. Alliteration, rhyming, and meter earn me three poetry points.

To the left (west), CT 184 ends here at CT 216. To the east, though, the original route continued as CT 84 into Rhode Island to RI 3. 84 was renumbered once I-84 came into existence, and then was cut off by I-95. The short dead-end stretch of road on the north side of I-95 is thus named EXT(ension) 184 since it doesn't really do anything to deserve a real name.

CT 216 turns onto Clarks Falls Road and approaches this very old bridge. This is the south side of the bridge that was at the time about to be demolished and is now (sadly) almost completely replaced. The bridge is straight; I'm photographing from the end of one of the wingwalls.

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