Connecticut Roads - CT 20/CT 189

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After starting with the shield atop this page, CT 20 EB settles into the beautiful scenery at the north end of the Barkhamsted reservoir, between West and East Hartland. CT 20 is the northernmost route in Connecticut that does not enter Massachusetts, and claims the honor right here.

WB from East Hartland into the forest, with a brief diversion on Old Town Road, the original CT 20 alignment.

Connecticut would rather cede more territory to Massachusetts (look up "Congamond Notch") than ever use a 3-digit width shield (excepting BGS's). It should take a lesson from its older shields, though, and leave some white space around narrow numbers like 10, rather than try to fill the space in bold/wide/ugly. Here it passes CT 189 SB to a road that's actually north/south.

Calm down with some examples of PROPER signage, the good old-fashioned kind, and then return to the new, the ugly, and the RIDOT.

The freeway-sized shields and freeway-sized signs mean it's time to end our journey on surface CT 20 EB, and pick up on the freeway. But before you go...

Before adhering to the national brown standard, Connecticut (and at least Massachusetts, and maybe other states) used either regular green, since faded, or some paler green to post historical/park/other destination signs. The brown sign is new, but the green arrow is very old. This is East Granby Road EB at Rainbow Road (leading to the eponymous reservoir). CT 20 originally stayed on East Granby Road right to this point, instead of curving into today's lazy trumpet, and then turned left on Rainbow. From there, 20 either used Rainbow Rd. or High St. to end at CT 75. (Likely, Rainbow came first, and High St. was built later for some reason, but both were CT 20 at some point in their lives.)

Full run of eastbound freeway signs.

And, as promised, a full run of westbound freeway signs, just for the sake of button copy.

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