Connecticut Roads - CT 2 WB from Exit 16

CT 2 WB, Exit 16 and west

Exit 14 gets skipped because it would have tied in with a CT 66 freeway that was never built. CT 66 goes on to be the old routing of US 6 in Willimantic, while 6 follows part of what would have turned into I-84 to Providence (with the rest of I-84 being I-86 up into Massachusetts).

In Eastern Connecticut, no one gets hurt overnight. This photo on I-95 supports my theory.

I take that back. Apparently, they learned their lesson.

Not sure why the exit tab feels the need to be a renegade. CT 3 was completed more recently than other connections to CT 2, so even though I-91 SB is signed this way and in fact best reached this way, you'll see more signage for it in a moment from when this opportunity to cross the river didn't exist.

There's that second chance for I-91 SB, as well as a rare white shield on a button-copy sign.

The first two photos are left and right sides of the same gantry. The CT 2/I-84/US 6/US 44 interchange is one of the only natural five-ways I know of - you can get from anywhere to anywhere if you know what you're doing. The five "prongs" are CT 2 to the west, CT 2 to the southeast, I-84/US 6/US 44 to the west, I-84/US 6 to the east, and a surface connection that handles US 44 traffic not going straight onto the next I-84 exit (53) and following 44 that way. That surface connection is a freeway stub that would have been part of an I-284 up the east side of the Connecticut River; follow the link at the bottom of the page for photos from it. The East Hartford exit should be numbered, say Exit 2A, and should include a US 44 EB shield. But, as you can see, both US 44 and US 6 lack any signage whatsoever.

Taking the right fork toward E. Hartford (the I-284 stub) gives you this sign.

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