Connecticut Roads - CT 2 WB to Exit 18/CT 32 NB

CT 2 WB, Exit 18 and east, CT 2/32 WB/NB

The only interesting stuff between US 1 and I-95 in Pawcatuck.

Short multiplex begins in Norwich. Original CT 2, Main St., continues ahead and comes back at CT 32.

CT 2 WB/CT 32 NB at the beginning of the freeway to Hartford. Washington St. continues straight to I-395 NB.

As I said above, Washington St. is the WB-NB connection to I-395, so the 395/2-32 interchange is an incomplete cloverleaf. Oddly, it's an asymmetric one, as the other missing movement is SB-WB, also served by Washington St. (which becomes Town St.). This is the original route of CT 2/32.

MA-style shields are popping up all over Connecticut, and it doesn't help that MA 2 is another major east-west arterial. Yantic Rd., old CT 32, appears in the background.

The last photo is from Fitchville Rd. at CT 2 Exit 24. Fitchville is former CT 2 (pre-freeway).

Here's the surface routing from WB CT 2 to SB CT 11, actually naming the road you're going to take. If you scroll up, you'll see that CT 354 and CT 85 are mentioned with 11 EB as well. You're about to see two lanes of CT 11 merge with CT 2's two lanes, and lanes will end all over the place.

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