Connecticut Roads - CT 2 EB from Exit 17/CT 32 SB

CT 2 EB, Exit 17 and east, CT 2/32 EB/SB

CT 11 should be getting extended somewhere near the coast finally; there is some construction on I-95 near the appropriate area, and there are CTDOT vehicles looming at the south end of CT 11. Right now, 11 ends in no-man's-land between CT 2, I-395, I-95, and CT 9.

Obviously, CT 2A is another way through Norwich, but it's a bit odd that 2A begins in the middle of I-395.

The end of the CT 2 freeway just past I-395, with a wide shield that should be but isn't a CT standard.

A short video heading east from I-395 to the end of the freeway in Norwich.

Old Norwich shields.

Near the southeast end of CT 2. I-95 has a split diamond at CT 2, with about a third of a mile of two-lane road for NB-on/SB-off access (hence that old I-95 shield in the blurry photo).

CT 2 continues past I-95 to end just shy of Westerly, RI at US 1, still signed east-west in many places in eastern Connecticut.

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