Connecticut Roads - CT 190

WB on the west side of the Connecticut River.

Eastbound signs and views on the brief CT 190 freeway near I-91. CT 190 was once planned for much more, a northwestern bypass of Bradley International Airport that would have tied in with an extended CT 20 freeway and a CT 189 freeway that would have started at I-84 Exit 46 (the stubs are secret CT 503). It also might have extended east to the proposed CT 83 freeway before returning to the current surface CT 190. Instead, it crosses the Connecticut River as a Super-2 freeway and only briefly widens into the four-lane freeway that it could have been. I don't think anything has been reconfigured since this was built, so the first sign must have moved. Maybe from something that wasn't CT 190, since I'm not junctioning my own route in 1 mile.

Now heading westbound and watching the four lanes disappear into two. You can see that the Pearl St. bridge was designed for a full freeway underneath, but the Connecticut River bridge just to the west was never dualized.

EB just off the freeway, wrong in two ways. CT doesn't do wide shields, and this is not Somers. Somers is about 6 miles away, and that also means it should be the first destination listed. Given the shape of the Stafford Springs LGS, CT should just replace the whole assembly.

1 out of 2 is a start - they went back from wide to narrow!

EB in Hazardville, still not Somers.

EB at the eastern end of CT 190, which is Buckley Highway and the original CT 15 in this part. Original 15 heads straight into Massachusetts, which is why straight ahead suddenly changes from east to west - it's ConnDOT's arbitrary decision to favor the number 171.

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