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CT 189

CT 189 was once supposed to be a freeway from I-84 at Exit 46 north to the current CT 187/189 semi-freeway duplex, then connecting to a proposed CT 190 freeway. It was originally even supposed to be a northern continuation of CT 9. Pictured here is the EB stub from the WB ramp at that interchange. The collection of ramps at this exit have a secret number - CT 503. CT 189 instead begins a mile or two to the north at US 44.
All photos on this page are northbound.

Assorted shields and assemblies of varying ages and font sizes heading NB out of the Hartford area. CT 218 is the unofficial northwestern beltway, roughly following the path that I-291 would have taken.

One SB.

Old signs abound at the next intersection up, Brown St. and Terry Plains Rd. STC is for State Traffic Commission, and signs with the initials disappeared in the 1980's.

Since CT 187/189 concurrency photos are on the 187 page (linked at bottom), after two signs from the southern junction of those routes, I skip on ahead to ugly rounded shields some distance to the north.

At the west end of Hatchet Hill Rd., secret CT 540.

Just south of there, the stub at the north end of Old Hartford Ave. (if not the name) tells you this is former CT 189.

The alignment hooks back east into CT 189 at this stone wall that looks suspiciously like a bridge parapet. The last photo looks back north from there, suspiciously straight ahead.

These look suspiciously like the south and north abutments of a former bridge that once carried CT 189 into Tariffville's Main Street (another giveaway) at its own stub.

From the base of the north abutment, looking east and west along the Farmington River.

Oversized signs forgot to scale up the font as well at Floydville Rd., and then something horrid sneaks into multiplex signage. Shouldn't be too hard to pick out the garbage from the gold, but be careful - in the third photo, the garbage is also gold, as the ugly shields are every bit as old (about 20 years) as those on the right (and that 10 doesn't look too pretty, either).

Ending on a positive note, Mountain Rd. heading west from CT 189 in North Granby. The reason it has state distance signs is because it's secret CT 539.

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