Connecticut Roads - CT 183, US 44

and 183/US 44

Continuing SB from the shield atop the page with some very alternative shield styles. As I've commented previously, the CT 182A assembly is a kind I haven't seen before - not particularly old, just interesting. The CT 182 shield is also interesting with its cut corners.

Just west of CT 8/Park Pl. in central Winsted on CT 183/US 44.

Sign-lover's heaven, Rowley St. NB in Winsted. The 44's are definitely the same age, and I would place the NORTH 183 with them. The SOUTH 183 appears to be a newer sign, but has been considerably scraped up/away, and may be a transplant from elsewhere on the route if something happened to the original here. The 8 looks mysteriously older, but it may be dirt and the result of flash. Or, consider that Rowelyn St. is the old alignment of CT 8, before it was extended up this far (it was supposed to continue northward into Massachusetts, but CT killed it due to lack of traffic vs. pretty scenery). That extension happened in 1970, so the one shield may very well be precisely that old. There are other cool pieces of old CT 8 alignment along the northern freeway.

SB/EB and NB/WB at the northern beginning of the CT 8 freeway, with CT 183 still stuck to US 44.

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