Connecticut Roads - CT 181/CT 318

CT 181 and CT 181/318

There is no CT 44. There is only the south end of CT 181 at US 44.

CT 181 picks up CT 318 and crosses the West Branch Farmington River on this 1939 truss.

Back the other way.

Looking south along the river.

And looking north at the bridge.

One last concurrency photo, East River Rd. SB just east of the bridge.

Most of CT 181 is in Barkhamsted, but the sign (SB) is in the developed area just north of CT 318.

The 1897 Barkhamsted Soldiers Monument and the bell from the former Hollow Church (mounted on blocks from the Saville Dam spillway) are in a park fronting a cemetery at Beach Rock Rd. Saville Dam is still very much existent, east of here on CT 318. The monument commemorates the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, and Civil War, so now you know the Mexican War (remember the Alamo?) was once considered of near-equal importance to the others.

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