Connecticut Roads - CT 17

CT 17

SB photos heading away from Middletown. The fourth photo with the LGS's is at CT 68.

See the second SB photo above.

Three southbound photos on the short freeway (Achenson Drive) leading away from CT 9 on the south side of Middletown. It was intended to lead southwest from there, but plans never made it very far; it's also mostly unrelated to the longer CT 17 freeway that latches onto CT 2. Obviously, the third photo is at the end of the freeway stublet, where CT 17 SB turns left onto its old alignment heading out of town (and the signs on the right are SB on that old alignment).

Now NB. There are several Main Streets in Middletown - North Main, Main, South Main, East Main, and the Extension seen here. South Main (after becoming Pleasant St. for a block) intersects Main and the Extension (which becomes Crescent St. for a block), while East Main intersects and then parallels the Extension a block to the east.

Old signs northbound and Mass-style signs southbound on Main Street Extension, all pointing to CT 17/9 NB.

Finishing up Achenson Drive.

Skipping over the CT 9/17 multiplex through Middletown (see the 9 page below for those photos), here is where CT 17 SB comes off the Arrigoni Bridge and joins CT 9. The arrows are wicked old, and the shields belong in Massachusetts.

Southbound on CT 17 and westbound on CT 66, crossing the Arrigoni Bridge over the Connecticut River.

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The CT 17 freeway on Steve Anderson's
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