Connecticut Roads - CT 14A

Both of the above shields are east of I-395. First, an older 14A shield that shows how CTDOT sneakily signs its lane transitions. Center striping seems to always change at a signpost just so that the little yellow tag can be applied. Second, another MA shield sneaks onto a CT route.

Heading west on Old Canterbury Rd., which may never have been CT 14A but certainly was here first.

EB and WB at Packerville Rd. in Plainfield, a third shield variant with the "A" the same size as the numerals. I believe the smaller "A" is correct.

EB at and onto CT 12 NB, with a fourth shield variant involving a hyphen. Makes you wonder if there really is any standard at all. The church is the Plainfield First Congregational.

EB (first two) and WB (last three).

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