Connecticut Roads - CT 138

CT 138

CT 138 continues beyond this intersection, but there's no through movement. To get around that, traffic has to start turning left, then whip around dramatically to the right and head downhill. It's only slightly easier in the EB direction where the acute left turn has an extra 24' to play with (12' each for the CT 169 SB and CT 138 WB lanes on the inside of the turn). Not recommended for... anyone, really. Head south and U-turn if you must.

Obligatory button copy, westbound. The "TO" is because before getting to the on-ramp, one follows a frontage road and comes upon CT 164. (One would also come upon CT 164 by continuing about 1,000 feet west.)

Just go a few feet past the second sign above and you come to this 1950's shield, entering Jewett City. The ghost of "CONN." lives above the number.

CT 49 NB at CT 165 for a tiny duplex, and then both at CT 138 for a slightly longer triplex, in Voluntown. All of the routes will break up again within a mile. CT 165 becomes Ten Rod Road when it enters Rhode Island, which is only notable because one rod is 16.5 feet so ten rods is 165 feet, which matches the route number!

More old shields of different-sized numerals, same two intersections but westbound.

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